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Texas, Shift is Happening Pt 4

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What do an abandoned castle, a key, a squatter, a back brace, and holding your head up have to do with Texas? Find out in this five part series, as Darla connects the pieces!

Started: July 23, 2023 Finished: July 28, 2023

Part Four of Five. For best clarity, please start with Part 1.

Emma Stark

Fresh Wind Ministries

July 24, 2023

(This is the transcription started at the prophesy)

Initially when we flew into Florida…Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of July. The Lord showed me Himself; as really strong, this first image of the God who is able to restore. And rather than speak to me of His fathering, he started to speak to me about His superiority, His weight, His might, His magisterial glory. And then he showed me alongside that, a remnant, that’s you lot, who were shaken, plummeted, hard-pressed, ever hoping but really under attack. A reserved people! And the Lord started to talk to me… in America about a reserved remnant who had been hidden yet faithful, covenanted to holiness, who would really embrace the Leviticus 19 and the 1 Peter 1 concept of, “Be holy as I am holy.” That is a massive, “well done,” that you have been the remnant in pursuit of holiness. And God’s hand was upon the remnant, and strength was coming to them for the service and the glory of God.

The Lord says, You have been kept from idolatry, and a strength will come back to you, and a certainty will come, and a clarity to know what to do, that you have lost, will return to you,” says the Lord. And a joy will come as a new release of fire from the Spirit comes upon you. And I saw the USA remnant start to burn again and stand burning. A sudden commotion will come to the house of God as the remnant become extreme. You will move from an unclear hidden remnant, to a clear decisive, decision taking remnant, a moving remnant where new strategy and radical strategy will descend to you. Where God will send to you, new blueprints for how to build in this day. The Acts 4:13 time has come to you, remnant in America, where people will be astonished and take note because they will know that you have been with Jesus. You are entering your Zechariah 8:23 time where ten will take hold of one because God is with you.

USA remnant, the Lord says, My hand is on you, My fire will consume you and will continue to do so. You have given your lives away for My glory. A price has been paid, but the Spirit of the Lord says, Oh American remnant you must get ready for greater misunderstanding of who you are and who I am to you. You must even get ready, says the Lord, for greater persecution from within the house of God. And know that My presence will go with you and My hope will hold you. Hope will keep you moving forward. Hope will fuel you to face impossible challenges. Hope will keep expectation alive in the most difficult of circumstances. And the Spirit of the Lord says, let hope be decreed by your voices over each other. And I felt like the scripture for the church in America was Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Spirit.”

Then the Lord said this, “USA you have become a prisoner to the Spirit of Babylon. The Spirit of Babylon has become strong and has risen here.” Now you know God has a holy city called Zion and Satan has a city of Babylon. And they are the two headquarters for the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. And we know much about Babylon, from Revelation, and its complete destruction. But now in America, the Lord says, the Babylonian spirit is in the ascendancy and is architecting your cultural narratives and architecting your political platforms. There is a corrupt spirit that has come even to the house of God for greed for things of this world. And a corrupted church has opened the door to a corrupted nation. But I heard Daniel 5:14, when Belteshazzar speaks over Daniel and says, “I have heard that the spirit of a holy God is in you…” And the Lord says I will raise up remnant liberators. Now I said to the Lord, like who, is this like Daniel and Joseph; which America has made very popular in a Christian context, (however) not so much in other nations. But they are very popular (in America), each nation has their favorite Bible verses and characters. You have Daniel and you have Joseph. Why? Because of the seven mountains message, because you like to think about working inside the system. But the Lord says this, I am not making you like Daniels and Josephs, do you not see that you are in Exodus 1:8 where the nation has forgotten the God of Joseph?

USA, you are entering the days of a Moses time, who works outside of the system. And a great clash of the kingdoms is at hand. Where I will put within the remnant a spirit of holy indignation. The Lord says, I will allow an irritation and a righteous frustration to rise within you that will be harnessed to liberate. You will become the militant Moses who rises to face down the Pharaoh and an army who are not ashamed will come forth. And the Spirit of the Lord is saying you had a Jesus people, now you will have a Jesus army, says the Lord. Now the difference between the Babylonian army, is that the Babylonian army, the Babylonian movement is bloodthirsty. It is unnecessary violence. The Babylonian people were the first to enslave others. The Babylonian spirit is about financial slavery. It’s the kind of violence, and the kind of slavery that the spirit behind it brings demonically (and) repeatedly and you measure it by a nation saying, “How did that happen, again? How did that violence happen again? How did that racism happen again? How did that financial catastrophe happen again?” And the only medication is a forceful spiritual warfare army of liberators.

“America”, the Lord says, “you will have a spiritual army that now emerges, takes shape, and liberates. Oh, America you have loved righteousness; that’s good, that’s holiness, but you have not loved justice, therefore you have behavior modification in holiness but no ability to put things right, which is justice.” You have righteousness not justice, but now both will emerge, and the remnant will have an overthrowing capability and will understand, says the Lord, spiritual military strategies. You generals and leaders will arise with a justice cry, and that justice cry will work in you so that you cry, “Not on my watch.” You will worship and the atmosphere will take shape. You will pray the nation into alignment. You will disciple people into maturity and a spirit of missing replication will come, where many prodigals get pulled up and get pulled in. For you have a failing secession model rather than a successful replication model.

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The video below of Darla Ryden, corresponds to Part 4 of 5 of Texas, Shift Is Happening.

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