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It Takes Two - Louisiana & Texas

Updated: Feb 12

Louisiana State, Northeast, Southeast, and Birthplace Regions of Texas

November 2 - 8, 2023

Bottom-line: Louisiana and NE, SE and Birthplace regions of Texas must work together because each state holds what the other one needs to release the “glory” spoken over both states.                                     

Christine Shippey, (Cleveland TX, Liberty Cty) sent me this text, (Oct 31,2023) “The Lord spoke to me in a dream last night, and he said this – hidden treasures in Louisiana.” She had not seen or even knew about your Open Heavens gathering, which I forwarded to her.


Kathie Chan, (Denton, TX, Denton Cty) called me (Nov. 1st, 2023) and heard the following:

“We have been so focused on the border, (we are) not focused on the coast.”

“Coast guard – on guard.”

 “Increased risk @Thanksgiving!”


Then she told me to look up “parish”, there’s something in it spiritually.

·       Territorial division corresponding to a county in other states. (Louisiana)

·       An ecclesiastical district, a subdivision of a diocese.


Louisiana was officially Roman Catholic under both, France and Spain’s rule. The boundaries dividing the territories generally coincides with church parishes. In 1807, the territorial legislature officially adopted the ecclesiastical term (parish). This makes Louisiana the only US state established with this adoption of ekklesia; the legislative assembly, which is a Kingdom of God expression, not religion. Might this possibly be why you (Chuck) are seeing the state as the Tabernacle of David? No wonder all the hurricanes gravitate toward the state, there is much to be uncovered, hidden treasure, not to mention five levels deep of idolatry & corruptions that needs to shift.

Meanwhile, Texas, in 1807 registered Espiritu de Jesus as the first brand in what was still called Mexican Texas, establishing the cattle brand as older than the Republic of Texas. Over four hundred years ago Jesuit priests gave the Queen of Spain a cattle brand which she bequeathed to the Royal DeLeon family as a gift to settle the New World. The DeLeon’s migrated to Mexico and later Martin DeLeon became an Empresario to settle the land grants on the Gulf Coast. He brought in 850 families with each receiving 4,228 acres. During the Texas Revolution, Martin was forced to leave his 30,000-acre with 7,000 head of cattle and hundreds of horses and flee to Louisiana and sojourned because he was unwilling to fight with the Mexicans. When he returned, his sons were killed, his personal land taken, and ended up as the first cholera victim himself and died.

I give you this history of the brand only because we remarried the land of Texas; branding all 254 counties, back to Jesus by August of this year (2023) and I was privileged to return the brand back to Toledo, Spain in mid-October (preparing this prophetic revelation). Loretta Brown, the seventh-generation great-granddaughter of Martin DeLeon and owner of the brand, made the following declaration which was released at the gate in Toledo. “Father, I bless them to release the Espiritu de Jesus to redeem the land and the generations clear back to Jesuits and Catholic knights of Templar. Father, they had no idea the deception and matrix they were in. We release the Harvest Angel of Kingdom over every birthright and calling of Your inheritance of the nation of Spain. The false anchors that kept them Catholic, Father, we cut those loose. We say Isaiah 28. Demonic, you made a coven of death, an agreement with Sheol, it will not stand. It’s God that annuls these covens of death. Father, we ask for the foundation stone of Jesus Christ to anchor Spain. Your inheritance. Your birthright. Your calling. We release Spain to step into her calling for the honor of the King. Texas is part of Spain’s DNA. We brand Spain with the covenant of the Kingdom of God and ask Father, to bring it in perfect covenant with God and allow the burning of the brand to sanctify you. We bless you.” She later text, “It feels like the redemption is running backwards from Texas to Spain.

Chuck, you spoke on the “Texas taping” that you saw us with a new brand, and I agree as the Espiritu de Jesus, has done what it was meant to do, proclaim Jesus as the rightful owner of this land, called Texas, confirmed by Lana Vawser’s word over Texas in 2017.

Now, in the New Testament the Greek word “paroikia”, which is associated with “parish” means sojourning, foreigner, dwelling in a strange land. Metaphorically, “the life of a man here on earth is likened to a sojourning.”


Two of the biblical references for “sojourners”: Ephesians 2:19 (Eph 2:19-22) 1 Peter 2:11 (1 Peter 2), are key scripture passages as they both reflect the movement from foreigners to family members with all the rights associated with them and the building of the living stones together.



Both of these dreams make it clear the King has taken over, and the foundation is being cleared of all debris and cleaned in preparation for the remodeling that is about to begin on the firm foundation of His chosen apostles and prophets, a servant leadership, and the chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ. As Neal has repeatedly said, “The foundation is not cracked or settlement, it is solid, it’s what was built on it that must be removed and this time built properly.” Constantine built ON the foundation improperly!


Now, “Sojourner” stuck out to me because I knew from past history that the border between the Northeast (6) & Southeast (11) regions, especially the SE portion of Texas, and Louisiana has always been contested. The border was established along the Sabine River and as Debbie Bowman discovered in her family history and research, the area called the Neutral Strip or “No Man’s Land” of Louisiana was a disputed area between Spanish Texas and the United States’ newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.


The boundaries of Spanish and French territories in the present-day Texas and Louisiana borderlands had never been formally established prior to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The original boundaries had been drawn, via a gentleman’s agreement, between the Spanish commander at the presidio of Los Adaes (then the capital of Texas; today part of Louisiana) and the French commandant at Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the entire Louisiana Purchase.”


“Three years after the Louisiana Purchase, Spain’s hold on present-day east Texas was tenuous, and Americans were moving in. Tensions between the two superpowers was high. The solution: Put some acreage between the two countries.”


“U.S. Army General James Wilkinson and Spanish Lieutenant Colonel Simon de Herrera agreed to keep Spain west of the Sabine River, while the Americans would respect the arbitrary boundary established by the French and Spanish decades before. Spain had no rule in this region, but neither did the U.S.”


“And – who’d have guessed! – renegades moved in.”  No Man’s Land became a haven for squatters, runaway slaves, army deserters and thieves.”



In the spirit realm there seems to be confusion as to who owns the land, causing both sides to not take responsibility in stewarding and so there is no movement on either side regarding the prophetic words spoken by God. So, I believe, that whatever happens at the border between Louisiana and Texas in the days ahead, must be linked with the two border regions of Texas: Northeast and Southeast as well as the Birthplace (13), because each state carries a release for the other to pass through the doors of promise and into glory.


Here’s the fore-telling prophetic connections…it’s about to get exciting so hang on!


The Fig-Leaf Prophecy released by Chuck Pierce at Tim & Susan Carscadden’s church; Christian Center of Shreveport is a now word that is about to come into reality. This word will have an incredible impact on LA and as you can see from the diagram, Texas.



Fig-Leaf Prophesy – Highlights (Chuck Pierce)


“I said Lord what in the world are you showing me? And I heard Him say, “I am dealing with this fig leaf and its fruit. This is what He showed me, and this is the verse – Luke 13:6-9.” (TPT)


The Parable of the Barren Tree


Then Jesus told them this parable: “There was a man who planted a fig tree in his orchard. But every time he came to gather fruit from his tree he found none, for it was barren. So, he said to his gardener, ‘For the last three years I’ve come to gather figs from my tree, but it remains fruitless. What a waste! Go ahead and cut it down!’ But the gardener protested, ‘Sir, we should leave it one more year. Let me fertilize (manure) and cultivate it, then let’s see if it will produce fruit. If it doesn’t bear figs by next year, we’ll cut it down.”


The purpose of the parable was to warn people (Israel) that they were in their LAST year of God’s grace toward them. Holy Spirit is looking for spiritual fruit from His spiritual vine.


When I was reading the fig-leaf prophesy and saw the scripture reference about the manure, it brought to mind a prophetic word spoken to Neal and me in 2021 and the part we will play in fertilizing structures…


“The Lord says, I’m going to send you to things that should be living but they’re not living to the fullness they should be living and the court’s still out rather they should die. This is not people, it’s like I’m seeing a plant. The Lord says, I’m going to give both of you the ability to dig around them and even to dung ’em but if they don’t take on life; that which you pour into them, then I’m going to give you the ability to speak the word and they will be destroyed. Some of this has to do with the Leviathan structure that I’m seeing, it’s not just plants. This is all bible…dig it, dung it, and if it doesn’t bring forth fruit and life then destroy it.” (Clay Nash – NEI Commissioning)


I believe God is directing us, TX & LA to enrich and nourish the words of promise because He is ready to form a “whole new network of glory seekers.” So, we must dig and dung the spiritual ground to bear fruit so that structures are not destroyed from lack of fruit.  

“I’m going to fan into you fruit that will produce glory that you have not known, because I have glory stacked all the way into a heavenly realm, and now it is connecting, and now it’s time, and now is the day of fully coming, and now my hand is coming down into it, and now I’m going to start moving, now out of and along that border through Texas and up through Texarkana up through that area. It will branch off and a whole new network of glory seekers were being created.”

“And suddenly you are going to pray one thing and it’s going to manifest, because it’s time. And things are moving, and you know, you are not going to pray the same old way or type of prayer, you are going to say, “Oh!  I remember when this was said,” and you know what, cause, God is going to begin activating your memory.  And He is activating it for one thing and that is to speak it out into the atmosphere, and every time you speak it out into the atmosphere you cause this to go like this (Chuck moves his hand around in a circle) to swirl and it causes Him to go like this (Chuck moves his hand up and down) before long, it’s not three or four months apart, it’s moment, by moment, by moment.  And before long, it’s not even that, suddenly, the fruit just blossoms and you say, “Oh my God!” what God didn’t do for my son, He’s doing for my grandson.  What this one missed, this one now is manifesting, see you won’t be bogged over what is lost, you will be rejoicing over what is manifesting.

“And I say to you, this is the beginning of how I begin to fan away the shame of the past season. I say shame now, will go first, I say then you will begin to come higher, and you will say I am covered again, and I feel a covering I have not known. And I say you will wake up and begin to wear a glory realm you never worn before, people will stop you, I will send you into places, I say you will walk into some of the river boats and suddenly people will stop from their slot machines and say I sense a different presence.”

“I say to you, I will begin you move you into a manifestation of wearing who I AM! There will be joy manifesting and I say to you even the stadium called Independence stadium, and that which is known as a bowel will become a meeting for Freedom in days ahead. And I say from this meeting many will come, generations, four generations will align and cry out and I say I will with a stirring manifestation of healing power in that stadium.”

“I say this place will be known and will come to be known as a place where many will come and gather and not only worship me but will worship me for an hour, I will manifest with my glory, then I say to you, for an hour you will make decrees that changes the courses of nations from this place. (Pause) And I say, legs will be healed, all along, beginning in Shreveport and there will be a move of legs and limbs being healed. And from that outward healing, I will move internal and being to show you the internal nerve structure that people will start coming to be healed from their nerve conditions. There will be a healing pool for MS that originates from here.”

“So, I say to you this night, you have come at the beginning and many of you will see it to the end. For I announce to you tonight the beginning has occurred, and where many are confused, within a year from now, throughout this entire nation, you will be ahead and be wearing My glory! For within a year, confusion will fall on this nation, but I say, from this place the glory realm which forms this night will continue to create life and freedom. I say what has been prophesied forty years prior, this night is activated. And I say to the stalkers, that stalked and brought confusing and brought destruction, I now say you are bound in fetters and chains and unable to operate. In the name of Jesus by His blood, now what God calls a fig leaf by vision, now becomes a network of blood lines that causes My glory to manifest and increase. I say, I will purify blood lines beginning this night, from this place and many will come for the purification process. Let’s give a shout up into heaven!” (Chuck Pierce, 2010)

Independence stadium was underscored to me because when you look at the state of Louisiana from the redemptive gifts, the state is GIVER. Giver struggles with the fear of lack, fear of death and need for peace, safety, and comfort and because of that they place those needs ahead of God’s agenda. This need for safety caused the nation of Israel (Giver too!) to refuse to enter the Promised land. They tend to obey God enough to be comfortable. They won’t confront sin and have an independence FROM God. They do not want to depend on God or people. They become very religious, and superstition displaces faith. Like Esau, they don’t appear outwardly evil, however they are not in pursuit of holiness. No desire for God, not interested in God, no communication with God. They have a spiritual dullness. They gather easily, but no change! Activity becomes a substitute for relationship which is actually the missing link. They have a two-legged covenant with death controlled through Leviathan; empowered through pride in feeling competent and Jezebel; empowered through the wrong response to pain against abuse. Gratefulness disempowers Leviathan.

What needs to be fostered, by the giver state, for effective authority in intercession, being they have the highest return on the investment, is depending on God. A willingness to risk vulnerability to allow God to supply needs. Be a life-giver to others by walking in vulnerability to break the Independent Spirit.

Givers are known for attracting resources, and this is not for just attracting money, but all kinds of capital and material resources. There is usually both a grace to attract resources, as well as the capacity to steward those resources.

There is an unusual synergy between the redemptive gift of giver and prophet. Texas is prophet redemptive. The synergy between these two states (LA & TX) is part of the transfer of wealth.

It’s really about synergy, which produces the kind of wealth (way more than money) that enables one another to function at the highest levels in their gifting. It’s light and ideas coming together to create something so magnificent it last generations. It takes a level of cooperation that’s more like a trusting friendship OR evil draws from them in the same way using dark light. If they will bypass mans’ mind and ego, seeing with the eyes of their hearts, there will be no competition but true synergy.” (Connie Fisher, 2023)

Giver states have a generational birthing anointing for industries, ministries, etc. and assisting through intercession to birth the visions of the Prophet and provide vital resources for further advancement of said endeavors. Prophet states integrate the gifts of people groups, and the principles of the Word of God with the right time or season. Bringing reconciliation of entire groups; not tokenism, but by bringing healing and fathering them into maturity. Texas will assist Louisiana, maturing them into a capacity to gain freedom from independence. We need to become “trustworthy friends” (Giver struggles to trust God and others, while Prophet struggles with keeping relationships because they use the word as a weapon to kill) as each brings to the table what the other is lacking.

Chuck Pierce spoke recently about there being four dimensions of prophetic work:

·      Personally

·      Corporately - we are a part of each other.

·      Territorially – we come from the land and so how the land becomes full and how we prophesy that plan of fullness that God has for the land becomes very important.

·      Generationally – God is tri-generational, and he wants it passed down from generation to generation.


I heard Holy Spirit say, “We are moving out of the corporate; inward gathering expression, into the territorial; outward expansion, to occupy for the Kingdom. And as we begin to conquer regions and states, a tri-generational prototype will be released that will be a model for this nation.” BOOM!

We have to understand God’s mind for covenant!” (Chuck Pierce, 2023)

“It is not about what you do, but who you are, because this year will be the year that this Kingdom plan that God has for us gets drawn out of us, so we become a FORCE! (ChuckPierce,2023)

“We are in chaotic times, and they are given to us so we can speak into it and bring a new order out of it so, don’t back away from chaos. Chaos doesn’t change our promises, it causes us to press thought layers of things that is stopping our promises from manifesting. It doesn’t change our ability to prosper, it causes us to see what is clouding our prosperity.” (Chuck Pierce, 2023)

We need to hold on to these details as they will begin to jointly fit together as we move through the prophetic words over the Northeast and Southeast regions of Texas!

Now, the link below is to the prophetic words released over the sixteen regions of TXAPN within the state of Texas (see the map on page 1). The Northeast (6), Southeast (11), plus the Birthplace (13) region have promises that have come into their prophetic timing and are ready to be pulled down into reality. Again, as you read them or review the highlights see how they are intertwined with the state of Louisiana and even intimately with Shreveport in the NE word.


Northeast Region – Highlights


“I heard the Spirit of the Lord say over this region, that He has set you on a wall as archers and you’re going to begin to release the arrows of the Lord into Louisiana. There’s going to be a connection between what you’re doing in your region and what God is doing in the state of Louisiana. You’re being called by the Lord from a cry from across the river and the Lord says, He’s heard their cry and the mantle that He’s put upon you is going to begin to expand into the state of Louisiana. This is going to be part of what God is doing out of Texas to bring Texas to the nation. There is a war cry release from the walls in this region and as the war cry is released, the Lord says, your arrows will be released, and you will begin to partner with those in the northern part of the state of Louisiana to help take their state back."


"So, the Lord says, as you are focused on where you have been, I am repositioning you on the wall to help those that are in Louisiana to begin to take back what God is doing there. You will show them how to address corruption, you will show them how to address the idols and altars of Baal that have been built up in those regions. You carry a very special mantle for signs and wonders and miracles, and they’ve been in a drought there themselves spiritually. And the Lord says, as you go there and shoot your arrows there; you are the arrow the Lord says, and as you make your way across that border and even across the river, the Lord says, there’s going to be a healing balm that is planted into the northern part of the region of the state of Louisiana.” (Greg Hood, 2022)


“I confirm what you shared with me, there are new wells coming forth, new ones, not a re-digging of wells, there are new wells coming forth in the northeast region. She announced to me earlier that they are opening up oil wells again, in like Carthage. Now because of that, I’m still looking for the right words the Lord is giving me here, there’s now a divine, more so than ever before, a divine connection between the northeast gate and birthplace; you hear this birthplace, because you represent the two doorways into the state and out of this state. And you (northeast) can no longer simply guard the gate into the state, and they (birthplace) can no longer say they guard the gate into the state. You are guarding the gates. And there are going to be assignments that the Lord’s going to start giving your two regions that are going to make sure that the gates not only are opened but closed. These gates are just unbelievably massive. They’re golden gates and they are massive in size, I mean, I can’t even see the top, and they’re not your typical doorway into a house. These are massive gates, and they are massive because the Lord said, you’re no longer tending and taking care of Texas, you are now going to release this fully to the nation." (Tom Schlueter, 2022)


Southeast Region - Highlights


“Alright, when Tom called the name of this region, I heard the Lord say, I’m re-crowning this region. There has been an event that seemed to have knocked the crown off and the Lord says, I’m recrowning and I’m bringing new life and new authority into your region. Not just things in the Spirit, but in the natural as well. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, there is industry that is going to move back into the area and there are things that have been capped off and God is going to uncap again because of the industry…the natural resources…the business end…I see helicopters flying in and out of your region, like many birds in the sky again. The Lord says, watch what I do economically, I’ll begin to bring people into that region who will hold My heart and that will be a crown region for the release of finances into the kingdom. (Greg Hood, 2022)


I’m severing a yoke between certain groups of families that have controlled everything in the region, economically and spiritually. And I’m severing that yoke that together they were strong and had doors shut, but with your voice and declarations I’m opening doors so some fresh visitation, a fresh move of God is coming in there that the old guard will no longer keep it out or decide what comes in and out. They will no longer have a say as to what God does spiritually in that region. (Kerry Kirkwood, 2022)


I’ve devastated the religious spirit over your region. It’s done. It’s done. (Tom Schlueter,2022)


God is ramping up the watchmen anointing in Texas and a new synergy and responsibility to partner with Holy Spirit to swing wide these doors of promise, is at hand. And at the exact same time take out the enemy at the gate, those two thrones of iniquity, on the Louisiana borders (see the map), trying to hinder the advancement of the “trusting friendship” of Louisiana and Texas.


We need to call a “round table” like the kings of old, with at least these three TX regions, and Louisiana as the relational doors open, to pray and hear from Holy Spirit on how to move forward to accomplish the assignments before us. God would never have promised it if He did not desire to complete it! He has never failed us, and He is not about to start now. And if He’s looking for faith, HERE I AM LORD, USE ME!  


Video discussion of the above information:









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