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Texas, Shift Is Happening Pt 1

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What do an abandoned castle, a key, a squatter, a back brace, and holding your head up have to do with Texas? Find out in this five part series, as Darla connects the pieces!

Started: July 23, 2023 Finished: July 28, 2023

Part One


“There is a nation in your loins, and you will birth a nation. God is giving you the authority to address giants who are stopping it. There will be a grassroots movement from Texas that will be seen throughout the nation and the giant will be addressed. It will be known that from Texas a nation was birthed, a nation went to war, and a nation had the victory.” (Chuck Pierce)

The above is our mandate (order, command, directive, decree, dictate, instruction, fiat, obligation, permission, and authorization) our official order and directive. This is one of Texas’ forewords. We need to memorize it, meditate on it, and hide it in our hearts, because as a state this is what will keep us focused and moving together, “AS ONE”, in the days ahead.

Holy Spirit highlighted the words, “giant and giants,” then started downloading the following:

  • The “birthplace” is between the loins, thus the emphasis on the TXAPN region, called the Birthplace, which is made up of 11 counties, (Austin, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, Washington) as it is being prepared to birth.

  • The grassroots movement of Texas is removing the giant (singular) of freemasonry and the effect will be seen throughout the nation because Holy Spirit will create a prototype from here. (See Foundational Shift below for more details)

  • THEN we will begin to address the giants (plural) trying to stop the birthing.

  • The Lord told me we are dealing with the spirit of death, in Houston. I spoke with RaJean Vawter and without knowing about the twins the Birthplace is pregnant with, she told me that a spirit of death and Sheol are twins that intertwine with Jezebel to form a three-strand cord stronghold.

  • The Birthplace is pregnant with twins of reformation and transformation and once birthed will feed on revival. (See Texas Commissioning “Birthplace Region”)

Texas Statewide Commissioning (Birthplace Region)

“Hallelujah! I heard the Spirit of the Lord say over this region, that this region is pregnant again with twins and the twins are reformation and transformation. The Lord says you are going to get your city back. There is an exposure coming in government and God has moved the line. The enemy had moved the line, but God says I’ve moved the line back to My place and I have dropped a plumb bob over Houston and over that region.

And the Lord says these twins of transformation and reformation are being released through Texas APN and as you begin to release this, neither one will be born breach, neither one will be stillborn, but they will come out and they will come forward to bring this hammer and the sword of the Lord in your region. The hammer and the sword of the Lord in your region. And the Lord says, He has caused the rain to begin to come and to begin to cause the seeds of revival that have laid dead and dormant in the ground are going to begin to come again, and they’re going to be what transformation and reformation begin to eat from. The Lord says as these two twins eat from this, that Houston will begin to be…My Lord…I see Houston coming to be the second largest city in the nation. And as it does, the Lord says, it will not be from where she is living today, it will be from a place of transformation and a place of reformation.

Even now in the Galveston area, you’re going to begin to see fish that have disappeared, fish that have not been able to be caught in decades, begin to reappear in that region as a sign of what God is releasing and bringing into that Birthplace region. So, I decree today, fish come back, be restored, sign of the Lord come forth. Reformation and transformation be birthed, the birth pains are there right now. We call it forth in the realignment and the line being moved back into God’s favor.” (Greg Hood)

“I’m going to give insight that your warfare is not against flesh and blood, that you’ll lift it beyond, it is not people with names, but that it be lifted up to where Jesus talks about in John 18:36, “My kingdom is not of this world.”(If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting, that I might not be delivered up to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.) You are going to deal with the kingdom realties of what’s going on over Houston.

And I hear the Holy Spirit saying, there were plans, still plans in the making, to buy up and control the ports of Houston. But He wants you to stand in that place and say the ports of Houston will be open for free trade and freedom and liberty of the Spirit of God. They’ll not be controlled; the Gulf region will not be controlled. Man had made plans to own and control the shipping and what comes through that, but the Lord is calling you to have leadership and you’ll open the shipping lanes by the Spirit of the Lord. So, out of that God will bring people into that region, that will have influence along the portal cities, and you’re going to see at that point, you’ll export the things of the kingdom of God even to North and South America.” (Kerry Kirkwood)

“I’m seeing here another Chinese connection, for the Lord has said another prayer assignment for you guys is to shut down the free port. Shut down the free port where the Chinese have been operating and smuggling things in and out of our nation. It’s in the international area there. The Lord says as you do that, they will lose their footing and slip out into the Gulf.” (Greg Hood)”

Foundational Shift

In August of 2021, we started an assignment (attached below) to address the freemasonry root established by our founding fathers prior to the birthing of the Republic and sustained through the Southern Baptist denomination specifically. Asking Holy Spirit what to call the assignment, I heard, “Foundational Shift.” He then whispered,

“Before the Republic of Texas even began, it was already established on a faulty foundation of the traditions of men (Mark 7:6-9), and idolatry (Is. 44: 9-20). Once this giant is dealt with by denouncing the ungodly establishment of the Republic of Texas, then the “nation in your (Texas) loins” will be brought forth with righteous DNA. Then we can ask for the Healer to come forth to manifest in our land (Texas) and then in to heal the nation (USA).” (Darla Ryden)

Now there are three assignments which have or will be carried out by the end of August linked to the Foundational Shift:

  • 18 Masonic books found and burned.

  • Prayer strike at the Masonic Oak.

  • Public repentance of pastors & leaders from freemasonry.

Then I heard,

“The public repentance is the kingpin in removing the deceitful and deceptive cornerstone of freemasonry (idolatry) and religion (traditions of men) from the church. The book burning and the prayer strike represent the debris that has been left on the foundation and is being swept out, placed in the trash, and removed.”

Below is a dream given to my husband, Neal, which will further illustrate the above and forecast what’s ahead.

The Key to the Treasury

Monday, June 26, 2023

“The dream begins with me sitting in the passenger seat of a golf cart with the King, Jesus, and we are surveying an old abandoned ancient castle we had acquired. We are outside the walls appraising the surrounding area as the castle was to be remodeled and refurbished to be put back into operation.

I started a conversation by saying, “Yesterday, I spent the day going to pick up the key for the treasury, so here it is.” (Trying to hand the key to the King).

He said, “I know. I was told (by the one holding the key) that you came to pick it up.

“No,” said the King, “I want you to keep it!”

Then I drew His attention to a mound of debris that came from inside the castle, piled up high in a big, long trailer.

I asked, “What do you want to do with all this stuff that is left over?”

He replied, “Just get rid of all that.”

So, I started to get out of the golf cart to go tell the guys to empty the trailer.

End of the dream.”

Now, Neal, by occupation, is a high-end custom home builder with over 40+ years’ experience making him a skilled master builder. His first thought, upon waking up was that the King was placing him in charge of remodeling the castle to bring it back into working condition and he had been entrusted with all the resources needed to get the job done. More on the skilled master builder in a moment, first let me conclude the above with points of interest on the dream:

  • The King has taken possession of the ancient, abandoned castle, and is about to re-establish His Kingdom.

  • Freemasonry and other demonic strongholds which will be discussed below, keep the Church in Texas from ever building on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.

  • This is not a church overhaul but a transformation into Kingdom, the ancient castle.

  • The King and the skilled master builder are surveying the property looking carefully and thoroughly at every detail specifically to examine and record the area and features of the land so as to construct a map and a plan of action.

  • The plotting and charting are done in a golf cart, which represents speed and efficiency in achieving your goals.

  • The greater Houston area and Texas are under construction.

  • The master builder went to secure the key to the treasury.

  • The King then had the master builder keep the key, meaning everything you need to accomplish and complete the desired outcome is supplied.

  • The cost has already been counted and paid by King Jesus, and the master builder is entrusted to carry out the reconstruction and remodeling.

  • The debris left in the castle had been removed and placed in the trailer.

  • The King has given the order to discard it all and commence the reformation.

The faulty foundation (freemasonry) was in place before the Republic of Texas was formed (1836). Up until this day, in Texas, we have had a form of godliness without the power thereof (religion), but that is all changing because King Jesus has taken possession of the estate (Texas). And being that he’s the true foundation (1 Cor. 3:11) and cornerstone (1 Peter 2:4) he is going to use the wise master builders to reform and transform this region and state into the Kingdom of God.

Let’s look closer at the skilled or wise master builder in 1 Corinthians 3:10-15,

“God has given me grace as a skilled master builder who lays a good foundation. Afterward, another craftsman comes and builds on it. So builders beware! Let every builder do his work carefully, according to God’s standards. For no one is empowered to lay an alternative foundation other than the good foundation that exists, which is Jesus Christ!

The quality of materials used by anyone building on this foundation will soon be made apparent, whether it has been built with gold, silver, and costly stones or wood, hay, and straw. Their work will soon become evident, for the day will make it clear, because it will be revealed by blazing fire! And the fire will test and prove the workmanship of each builder. If his work stands the test of fire, he will be rewarded. If his work is consumed by the fire, he will suffer great loss.”

Wisdom will build her house with divine substance (gold), redemption’s fruit (silver), and transformed lives (costly stones). Wood, hay, and straw are emblems of the works of the flesh, the building materials of men, not of God. They grow up from the ground, which God cursed (Gen 3:17). It is both quality and durability that God commends. Fire will cause the better material to glow brighter, but the inferior material will be consumed. How we build and what we build matters to God. WARNING…IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUILD ON THE TRUE FOUNDATION OF CHRIST BUT WITH WRONG MATERIALS. WE NEED GOD’S WORK DONE IN GOD’S WAY!

In our modern understanding, the skilled master builder is the general contractor, the one who supervises the project, you could say the overseer. The property owner will typically hire a general contractor to ensure a construction job is completed safely, on time, and according to specifications.

King Jesus has the skilled master builder in place, the construction has already begun, meaning we are in the new and it’s a revolution. However, notice in the dream, the contractor yields everything to the King. The picking up of the key to give to the King and told to keep it and asking what to do with the waste from within the castle shows the weighty importance of submission to the King and authority given to the master builder to accomplish the task.

The construction process is complex, drawn-out, and complicated, Neal is better able to speak into this procedure and I hope he will be invited to elaborate on it in the days ahead. The general contractor, the overseer, will now commence the remodel using the blueprints provided by the King. This will require the gifted craftsmen or artisan contractors to come in and provide their highly developed and specific skill set. Electricians, framers, roofers, masons, and plumbers are some examples…it’s a team thing!

Now, in the dream, this is a remodeling; a reformation and transformation job, of an ancient, abandoned castle. Remodeling is harder than new construction because there are always unseen problems during the demolition phase that are revealed, and will need to be remedied, corrected, and or removed. There is so much more revelation on the construction aspect, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Click Link Below to Download Your Full Copy of Texas, Shift Is Happening!

Texas Shift Is Happening!
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The video below of Darla Ryden, corresponds to Part 1 of 5 of Texas, Shift Is Happening.

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