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Texas, Shift Is Happening Pt 5

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What do an abandoned castle, a key, a squatter, a back brace, and holding your head up have to do with Texas? Find out in this five part series, as Darla connects the pieces!

Started: July 23, 2023 Finished: July 28, 2023

Part Five of Five. For best clarity, please start with Part 1.

Emma Stark (continued)

"And then this morning and last night the Lord said this to me. As I flew in yesterday through the storms. I saw what looked like half of a ball, like a bubble, over the people of God. Like a shell, in a dome shape, and I looked up and thought, “Oh they look quite nicely protected under that, that looks good.” And I saw some blues, which I knew was the Holy Spirit, so I knew that the Houston area had some degree of the movement of the Spirit. And then I saw orange, and I thought, oh, okay, they’ve got some perseverance, but then it was putrefied orange and I thought, oh no, they’re all human effort and human energy more than anything else.

That’s why you’re all so tired. And I saw that become a dome of a cap over the Church in Houston and I think beyond for most of Texas, but certainly starting here.

And I said to the Lord, “How do you want to bless these people?” Because you have favor. You can’t have that size of an economy (Houston) and not have favor and a love of God. And I could feel the passion of God for you. And the Lord said this, I will take the arrows from heaven that are Kingdom arrows, and I will break their shell of protection, for their shell of protection is an angry shell they raised because they wanted to maintain their current positions at all costs. And the Lord says, the remnant in Houston became angry against any challenge, but that meant they rejected the challenge of the Spirit. And I saw arrows shoot through your “maintain and protect” shell.

The Kingdom is advancing, you do know that it’s never in a state of “maintain and protect.” So, if God says a people are in maintain and protect, you know that’s sin. Yep! Because the Kingdom of God is advancing, meaning it is in continual growth and change. So, when a church is digging their heels in to protect and defend what they’ve got, they are in rebellion to the essence of the Kingdom. And the Lord says, “I will send you a gift, arrows, to break your protective defense. I will give you arrows of Kingdom culture. I will give you Kingdom movement. I will give you Kingdom principles. But these arrows that I fire to you, Houston, will destroy your shell. And it will feel like you are exposed.

And the Lord started to show me your three structures that work together that brought you into oppression. This is a very sober word. Number one is patriarchy, number two is oligarchy, empire dictatorship, and number three is your evangelicalism. All of those are sin structures. Understand that the structures of the evangelicalism; even the leaders of the EA and I have chatted about this behind closed doors. Give me the four tenants of the international principals which the evangelicalism stands? The four tenants of evangelicalism is salvation by faith, we like that one, the centrality of the cross, the authority of scripture, and an outworking or activation of your faith, it has an impact. Yes! So those are the four tenants of evangelicalism and none of us has any problem with that. But in the four tenants of evangelicalism they have completely removed a foundational place of the Spirit. So, any evangelical structure around a region or any evangelical structure or doctrine of faith within a church that adheres to evangelicalism will have capped the Spirit. Yep! By structure, government, foundations, authority. Which is why you all are asking me the kind of questions you are asking me, because you have no history of the Spirit, because you are all evangelical.

Oh, you did ask me how I felt about you! Patriarchy or complementarianism. Patriarchy; do any of you know Troy Brewer, the prophet? He was texting me early this morning and I texted, and I said, “I am suffocating in the patriarchy of Texas, is this normal?” He said, “Yes! You go for it!” This is what he texted me this morning, “Go get ‘em girl!” I’m like, thanks! Leave it to me, Troy!

Patriarchy, that is a structure of limitation or control that makes every woman feel like they are a problem. (Yes, I am the one screaming if you listen to the video). Now you can have that as, I’m a problem by image, or by emotions; my hormones are a problem, that is why I talk about “Botox” and “perimenopause,” deliberately, because I’m normalizing some things we hide away. You can have that as, my strength is problematic, my spirituality is problematic, my gift makes this problematic, but patriarchy makes women feel like they are a problem, and it is deeply culturally ingrained. So you have in your dome, evangelicalism that locks the Spirit and patriarchy that makes most of your church feel like they’re a problem.

Oh Jesus! Now although we know better; I’m not a feminist and I don’t think that’s an answer, just so we are clear on that. Although we know better, the structural shell of the culture and atmosphere says, “Women, you are only to desire your husband, you’re to let them rule. Women, you must wait for the perfect husband. Women, men’s voices are public, and women’s are best served for women’s meetings and private. I hate women’s meetings because of that, and I think they are not helpful, because it only releases women in a contained way. Woman that can take charge are either sinful or arise like Debra when men fail, temporarily. It (patriarchy) says be submissive, be virtuous mothers or joyful homemakers. Men lead, women follow. And it echoes to the core of our being. It is deeply painful! The culture promotes male authority, secular and sacred, and female submission. And has no thought of what scripture talks about in mutual submission to one another.

Any woman called to pioneer, shake, challenge, or prophesy, which always brings challenging alignment, will face this culture. 2017, in the Barnum Report done in America, says this, in three different polls. USA evangelicals are the most hesitant group in supporting women to work outside the home. USA evangelicals have great discomfort, more than any other group, at female CEOs. And USA evangelicals are the least comfortable with women pastors by 39%. It’s a limit of spiritual power, and it’s a limit of economic power. Can l say Christian patriarchy is the same as pagan patriarchy and women enforce it over each another… Don’t you say that! Don’t you get too bold! Don’t you get too strong! Don’t you get too spiritual!

So the Southern Baptist Convention, in 1998, although they have written worse since, wrote about equal worth in their statement, meaning unequal roles. And the Lord started to show me the slime that has stood against the women of Houston. And the slime against reputations, and the subtle slime against female strength. And the Lord started to talk to me about stopping, in this city, of the full release of His Spirit. That your Church has been capped, and your state, by corrupt patriarchy systems. I would say this, patriarchy is not divinely ordained, it slithered into creation at the fall. Lot of theologians discuss Genesis 3:16; after Adam has blamed Eve, but when the curse of the fall is fully felt in Genesis 3:16, you see that the first sin built is a power hierarchy against women. The first sin releases a hierarchy against women.

Divine hierarchy is not men above women. I would suggest that this is not just a Houston problem; because I’m saying to the Lord, why are you giving this to me here (in Houston), because I travel internationally, tell me this in Singapore or Nigeria, but there is something of a female need to rise, to discuss and to warfare this away. It’s a global curse. It is, I think, a demonic principality. It covers violence and abuse, and slavery and abortion. The Church in Houston must model different. Psalms 68:11, “The Lord gave the word, great were the company of women who proclaimed and preached it.” But what that patriarchy has done with the anti-women bias or that women are a problem, is that it has allowed for the birthing of oligarchy.

Oligarchy is a form of dictatorship, where control is in the hands of a few. You saw this in the Asbury Revival. Can’t remember what state that was in, but you saw it on social media. The oligarchy decided what revival was and what it wasn’t. You controlled it until they shut it down. So patriarchy gives rise to oligarchy, control, dominating structures linked to militarism and racism. In other words, some are more worthy to rule then others. It subjugates women. Oligarchy subjugates races and subjugates nations. It’s domination and overlording creating subordination. It's systemic oppression. In other words, your racism issues, (which is) an elitism of dominating other nations, stems from an undealt with patriarchy.

I have never said this out loud, ever before, you cannot say racism is wrong and then say slavery is wrong but maintain the subjugation of women. They’re all wrong! The Bible is revolutionary, and it subverts traditional gender roles. I have not written enough, I will do and maybe I’ll preach on it later on this week, to look at Tabitha, Dorcas in Acts 9. And this leading female disciple in Romans 16, female apostle, Junias. Deborah and Junias are two of the female prophets of sixteen named female prophets in scripture. Or Galatians 3 where God says you are all now children of God…there is neither Jew or Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

And I think it is fascinating that God shows me the dome over Houston, and I said, why not somewhere else, why not for somewhere else, because it is true for other places? Because I believe that the Lord is asking for a warrior class to arise in Houston to bring back the Spirit of God, spiritual encounters, to put the pillar of the Spirit into the foundational stones that evangelicalism took out. That removes patriarchy and removes oligarchy and that sense of dictatorship in the house of God. This is going to take years to unpack and to spiritually warfare over, and to change the culture. But you will not have the move of God that you seek until you have dealt with these oppression issues. Until women no longer instinctively feel that they are a problem somewhere in their psyche.

I felt the Lord brought me here; we fought to get here. Tomi and I battled back and forth. There is something the Lord wants to do that is so groundbreaking, so deeply transformative and if it happens in a back rural water of; like I don’t know, the Hebrides in my nation, it is easy to overlook, but when a change happens in one of the richest, largest places, it’s noteworthy. And I think that God has gathered you group of women, not to be feminist, please this is not what I am preaching, and I am not talking complementarianism, because that is just patriarchy by another name. But He is asking for a radical rise of women leaders and women preachers, and Spirit led leadership who are replication and permission giving, to be a standard and an example of the favor and the blessing of God that many other cities and states in America will want to replicate. That is what I feel God is doing.

Now many prophets will come here and tickle your ears and say, you’re going to have revival, you’re going to breakthrough, you’re going to be a success and it is all going to speed up…etc. all the bingo stuff, because it makes us all feel good, and our ego is massaged. But I’m not an ego massaging prophet. And this I submit to you humbly as the word of the Lord. You know that that means you will have to put on some leadership mantles. You will have to birth and build some organizations. You will have to take some criticism, and you will have to watch that dome of structure be shot through by God. That means you will have to watch the failure of some key organizations and denominations that the favor of God will lift off. That is deep! Most of us want to say, but remember our beginnings and how we started; that would be Presbyterianism in our nation, we might say, God look here at the Free Presbyterians look at the good that they did, can’t we just update them? God says, hang on a minute, you want me to put new wine in an old wineskin? You are actually asking that? Are you that foolish that you are asking me that prayer? Are you that foolish? Are you that foolish, that you think that denomination is suddenly going to snap into this sort of biblical truth? It’s not easy and it means a lot of pain.

So I want to pray for your bravery and courage, for healing and for leadership, to be a model and a standard and a plumb line for the rest of your nation. God save you from the oligarchy that sits over what is and what isn’t revival in America. This means you are going to have more dreams; you’re going to have to have more sober conversations over coffee. You are going to have to begin some things." (Emma Stark)

Then I come home to Neal’s dream…

An Obstacle & Hidden Snakes

Monday, July 24, 2023

The dream starts with me in a brand-new house I have been working on building for over a year.

The house is finished however the homeowner hasn’t moved in yet. I’m about to give them the keys. Everything is complete and in working order, the house is all cleaned up and looks great. I’m inside the house and I glance out the window and see this boulder, the size and shape of a Volkswagen Beetle, sitting on the driveway in-between the porte-cochère and the garage. I walk outside to inspect it and see what it is doing there as it is blocking the driveway. As I step closer, I realize the boulder is not sitting flat on the concrete, there is actually a little space underneath it and there is a rhumba of rattlesnakes. I was unable to detect how many snakes until an audible voice told me there was a total of seven; six large ones and one small one. I was like, what in the world! So I ran back inside and found a snake-handling hook then returned to the boulder. I’m about to pull them out from underneath the rock and realize I need some kind of container, trash can or something. So I yell out for someone to bring me something so we can discard them and …I woke up.

So here are my final thoughts, the King of kings, has taken over the abandoned castle and has placed his wise-master builder in charge of the remodeling. He is cleaning off the debris of freemasonry (small snake) that the grassroots has battled for and had the victory. However, now we go to war, with the six large snakes, death, Sheol, Jezebel, evangelicalism, patriarchy, and oligarchy to birth the reformation and transformation promised. The victory is secure, however the keys to the new house will not be handed over until we deal with the snakes and remove the boulder.

As I said in the beginning, the establishment of the Republic of Texas (1836) was built on a faulty foundation. But in 2023 the King is causing an uprising, he is removing the squatters that have and are holding positions of authority which, I’m going to go ahead and say it, should be occupied by women leaders and the younger generation of upcoming leaders, but instead are kept down and out by a patriarchal structure.

“I have never said this out loud, ever before, you cannot say racism is wrong and then say slavery is wrong but maintain the subjugation of women. They’re all wrong! The Bible is revolutionary, and it subverts traditional gender roles.” (Emma Stark)

As a woman, I’m now going to HOLD MY HEAD UP and fight for justice. My voice is powerful, my relationship with the King is one of submission to His mission, but I’m giving notice that I will no longer be party to the spirit of patriarchy, oligarchy or evangelicalism, Jezebel, Sheol or death and I will fight to tear down these strongholds over Houston and Texas. It’s time for “All Together Now!”

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The below video of Darla Ryden, corresponds to Part 5 of 5 of Texas, Shift Is Happening.

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