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Previous Events

Below is a list of Previous Events where Darla Ryden either spoke or hosted. 

To request Darla to speak at your future event, please click the button below to email or fill out the request form at the bottom of this page. Thank you. 


Glory Seekers:
Securing The Gates

Rivergate Ministries
Hilton Garden Inn
West Monroe, La

Guest Speaker:
Darla Ryden



Secure The Gates

A.D. Bruce Chapel
U of H
Houston, Tx

Darla and Neal Ryden
When Kings Speak

Operation: Secure the Gates is a call to action, a corporate call for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to come together and ask God to use us to be the change. God is moving His people into a re-alignment of His will. This is a strategic movement on His part for Houston. Houston was once given the opportunity to host His presence, but it was not received. We are here to birth reformation and transformation that will feed upon revival and the foundation can only be built through prayer; the partnership with God to build by the Spirit. We are going to need to be filled to overflowing with the Word of God (logos) and His prophetic promises (rhema) if we are going to fully step into the new assignments He has for us “AS ONE”. 

Discovering God's 
Redemptive Gifts

New Haven Fellowship
New Waverly, Tx

Guest Speaker:
Darla Ryden

Redemptive gifts, as referenced in Romans 12:6-8 of the Bible, are distinct spiritual endowments given by God to believers, empowering them to fulfill their unique roles within the body of Christ. These gifts—prophecy, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, and showing mercy—are meant to reflect God's grace and are used to build up the church and serve others. Understanding these gifts helps individuals recognize their God-given abilities, align their actions with their divine purpose, and foster a more harmonious and effective Christian community by appreciating and utilizing the diverse talents within the body of believers.

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