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Wide Open Doors into Warfare

Updated: Feb 12

Prophetic Dream 12/31/2023

Prophetic Insight started on January 2, 2024, and is ongoing.

Welcome to 2024, the year of the open door and warfare galore! We are in WAR! We knew the battles would intensify; did anyone expect it to get so messy that quickly? It is only January 28, and I am exhausted from the onslaught. We win, but, oh boy, taking territory this year will require a new level of discernment, obedience, and revelation knowledge from the throne room of God.


I woke up from the following dream, the eve of the new year, 2024. I asked the Lord for clarity the night before. Wow, did He speak! I was troubled processing it until January 2, when Isaac Pitre began speaking at Glory of Zion for Starting the Year Off Right. Everything in the confrontational dream began to make sense; I couldn’t help but shout for joy!


Link: Dream - Wide Open Doors into Warfare  (I suggest reading the dream before moving on)

Isaac started with 1 Corinthians 16:8-9 “But I shall remain in Ephesus until Pentecost; for a wide-open door for effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”


Isaac then proceeded to unpack the revelation given to him by the Holy Spirit, and as he did, so did I with my dream.


Here are my bullet points:

  • Everybody wants the door, but no one wants to deal with the adversaries…we must declare, “I’M GOING IN!”

  • This is a year of expanding or increasing boundaries – don’t try to protect your boundaries BUT erase your boundaries.

  • This is a warfare year, and we are anointed to war and win! We will go into territory and take kingdom ground like never before

  • Paul knew how to take territory! He knew how to walk through the doors of opportunity.

  • Big wide “maga” doors of opportunity and access are coming.

  • “Maga” is also the size of the impact on the other side of the door

  • Don’t look for big names; the polished, because the polished will not fight

  • No Names are Coming!

  • Don’t be afraid to confront and take out

  • “Effective service” is the ability to do, and power (Dunamis) released.

  • “Adversary” is the opposition coming against you.

  • The war is for your life personally because individuality is found in transformation, so the territory you are going in, you are anointed for and called to! Don’t back down!

  • This is the year God will mantle you with BOLDNESS.

  • Paul is describing Ephesus – which at the time was dominated by paganism, shut off and blocked off. However, Paul knew the time was right to go in, he sensed that NOW was the moment to take ground that had been locked up.

  • The Ephesian ekklesia became the most influential center of its time

  • Ephesus is a model for Houston, for a couple of reasons:

    •   God has dropped the plumb-bob over this city, so NOW is the time to take the territory for the Kingdom

    • The dropping of the plumb-bob means the door is already open in the spirit

    • Houston and the surrounding Decapolis are forming a prototype for this nation

    • WARNING: We cannot walk by what we see. This is a year of insight NOT eyesight

  • In Revelation 2:2-7 Christ’s Letter to Ephesus helps us see the pattern

    • Commendation: Jesus acknowledges the church’s hard work, perseverance, intolerance of wickedness, and discernment in testing false apostles.

    • Concern: Jesus expresses concern that the church has forsaken its initial love for God. The call to repentance is given, urging them to return to their first love and the zeal they had at the beginning. In Greek first (protos) means “foremost, “best,” “paramount,” “supreme,” “crowning,” and “number one.” Jesus is referring exclusively to love that has first place in our hearts above all else. Being loved deeply and eternally is the definition of our “first love.”

    • Warning: There’s a warning that if they do not repent, there will be consequences, symbolized by the removal of their lampstand. The lampstand is often interpreted as a symbol of the church's witness or presence.

    • Approval of Hatred for Nicolaitans: The church is commended for hating the practices of the Nicolaitans, which in Greek means “to rule (conquer) over people.” The Aramaic makes the case for “the performing of rituals” which would make the verse read “You despise the performing of rituals, which I also despise.”

  • It may look like nothing has changed yet, BUT IT IS OPEN!

  • Go with what’s open in the Spirit because it is open in the Earth – synchronicity

  • Since my anointing has been activated – I sense I’ve got the key to this lock. I’m anointed for this!

  • Some things are not produced until motion happens – You have to step into it! Say, this is my territory. This is yours! YOU DON’T NEED VALIDATION!


  • Get around those that your anointing is STIRRED! Doesn’t matter if others don’t like it.

  • Paul understood his anointing worked in Ephesus

  • God is not opening a door for you to be famous, but effectual = successful in producing a desired or intended result.

  • Anointing is for the yoke, meaning when you step into the fullness you are doing it because of a territory that has been locked up

  • Understand that what you say, in the new territory, will challenge their thinking…that’s the yoke.

  • Initially, the people you are sent to are not going to accept you!

  • The city, state, and nation you are called to at first is going to challenge you and this is why most don’t walk through the maga doors – because of the adversaries.

  • This is what the warfare is about – you knocking out a principality or territorial spirit – you are anointed to deal with it!

  • This is the year, you say, “I’m going to be the key to open up whatever it is you are anointed for! We need those bold enough to go in!

  • This is the year for the apostles not the year for teaching. Apostles must take center stage! Their DNA is in all of us! Warning: Ephesian Ekklesia was able to discern the true apostles from the false ones.

  • Look for variety in the Kingdom

  • If you have to adjust your anointing to get in the door, then it’s not your door!

  • This is a year you have to believe what He has put on the inside of you!

  • People are waiting for you to go through to follow you in AND others on the other side of the door waiting to be liberated. So, if you don’t go through it, you will cause others to miss it too! Be Bold!

  • Once we have crossed the threshold, you will feel out of position. We will think we are out of the will of God, you’re not it’s just that you have woken everything up that has been lying in opposition because no one else has opposed them! BOOM!

  • There are territorial spirits that have run everyone else out! But when you came through, you woke every oppositional spirit up, so do not draw back continue moving forward.

  • If you can not deal with opposition... ie: Why are you doing that? You can not do that! All hell is breaking out! Betrayal! ...then you are not called to SHIFT NATIONS!

  • Nation shifters do not care what others think and are not afraid to ruffle feathers.

  • Nation shifters have been working on an anointing that will:

    • Wake up every adversary that has been dormant

    • Tear down every stubborn gatekeeper manipulating people by snatching them out of their grasp.

    • Where the enemy no longer respects your boundaries or laws, he will be made accountable.

  • The empire is striking back – we are coming in to get the territory that belongs to the Kingdom

  • You are not sent to be celebrated BUT to show up and work in the anointing given to you amid opposition.

  • If the enemy is not equipped to stop you from going through the door, he will try to change you once you are on the other side…STAND YOUR GROUND! Walk on in the power and authority the Holy Spirit gives you.


The YouTube video below should assist in making the language of the Spirit understandable.

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