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Texas, Shift Is Happening Pt 2

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What do an abandoned castle, a key, a squatter, a back brace, and holding your head up have to do with Texas? Find out in this five part series, as Darla connects the pieces!

Started: July 23, 2023 Finished: July 28, 2023

Part Two of Five. For best clarity, please start with Part 1.

Next, I, Darla, had a dream on June 25th, the night before Neal had his dream.

Thief in the House

Sunday, June 25, 2023

House Floorplan

I was standing in the living room of a house. The living area was rather large, and there were picture windows on the left side and all along the back of the home. All the windows were oversized, square-shaped, and had one-inch metal mini blinds shut tight covering them all. I was disturbed by the blinds being shut, because it was dark outside and made the room even darker inside. I thought, “Open the blinds!” Suddenly I heard rustling outside and moved closer to the corner of the walls (left/back) so I could peek outside. Immediately my eyes caught the silhouette of a burglar running by the back window. I was not afraid, but aware that my suspicion was correct, someone was out there.

Then I found myself standing in another room, off the living space, facing another wall of windows, with unopened mini blinds. Again, I heard a rustling noise, but this time it was coming from the living area, as I turned to walk back in to see my oldest son, Cody, suddenly appeared and we walked into the living room together. I was startled to see a man standing there and was startled at his presence as I knew he didn’t belong there.

He was a very tall slender man with a t-shirt and shorts on, wearing an old fishing hat on his head that looked like this one. His appearance made me think he was homeless. There was something going on with his right leg as he had a crude brace made of a PVC pipe held in place by two strips of cloth, above and below the knee, to hold the leg straight, but it wasn’t working, and the leg was bent. He was frail!

I posed the question to him, “What are you doing here this is not your home?” He did not even acknowledge our presence or consider the question and instead turned to the wall, in-between the two rooms, throwing his arms up in the air loudly exclaiming, “I’m going to tear down this wall!” (I would like to note that the wall was not a load-bearing wall but one that supported nothing. Its purpose was to keep rooms separate.) I was then able to detect an old worn fake leather-like suitcase on the floor next to his feet and thought, he is a squatter and plans on staying!

In the remainder of the dream, I was standing there trying to figure out how to remove him from the property. My first thought was, “We don’t need a gun, he’s so feeble! Cody and I can take him down!” Plus, we had the advantage of being between him and the doorway. Then my mind wandered over to thinking about calling the police and explaining that he was trespassing… AND I WOKE UP!

Immediately after waking up, Holy Spirit whispered, “Look up in scripture the verse about the thief coming only to kill, steal, and destroy.”

John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Reading the commentary on the ‘Shepherd Discourse’ in John 10, Jesus contrasts himself with “the thief,” and the thief is Jesus’ opponent, the self-serving human leaders of Israel. Each of the three parables is about a contrast between Jesus and the failed leaders. They are foolish gatekeepers who cannot tell the difference between a thief and a shepherd (John 10:1-6). Then they are thieves who bring death, while Jesus is the sheepfold gate that brings life (John 10:7-10). Finally, they are the hired hands who abandon the sheep at the first sign of danger, while Jesus is the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep (John 10:11-18).

Symbols in the New Testament were not new; instead, Jesus and the apostles used existing symbols from the Old Testament or from their culture. For example, shepherd had been a metaphor for king for at least a thousand years before Jesus used the metaphor here; this is why the crowds soon ask him if he is claiming to be the Messiah, the expected king (John 10:24). Thieves and robbers are used as metaphors for the leaders of Israel; human leaders and their false teaching (Ezekiel 34).

The first thing that caught my attention in the dream was the fact that all the windows are closed tight, metaphorically, there is no way to see, the revelatory is shut out. This is what has happened with the freemasonry/religious structure, it has kept the revelatory gifts out and/or operating at a very low level in the church (house). It is dark outside, like the world structure, but keeping the blinds down has caused the house to be dark inside also, because there is no freedom for the Holy Spirit to move.

Then on June 30th, Chuck Pierce, James & Robin Vincent came into Houston confirming that the squatter dream related to the foolish gatekeepers or failed leadership.

“Houston has a lot of gatekeepers, but there are not a lot of people that pass through the gate! It is time!” (James Vincent)

“The stubborn idolatrous spirit of the gatekeeper is going to break off this region, and we want to be able to move forward and move into what the Lord is going to be doing here. And it is just amazing!” (Chuck Pierce)

The stubborn gatekeepers again are a picture of the squatter in my dream. He is weak, does not really carry any authority, yet imposes it, “I’ll tear down this wall.” Just like the squatter, the stubborn gatekeepers, which represent leadership, continue to ignore the fact that no one is going to follow them, especially the women and younger generation, represented by me and my son. Instead, they are looking for a way to remove them from the house because they do not represent the new move. The process should be easy…right?

However, the other problem is there is no revelation flowing into the house. The house is closed off to the Spirit of God. If our loyalty to one another is greater than our loyalty to the King then we will keep men in positions of leadership that will destroy the movement because they are not allowing the flow of new wine carried by the unlikely, women and younger generation and it will produce an Ichabod, which means “without glory,” or “where is the glory?”

This is about the King and His Kingdom this time, not about men and their human efforts. The skilled master builder will submit to the King’s specification for the renovation and stay under His authority, not be as the squatter and decide to do it his way, because eventually he will be removed or what he is building will burn up by the testing of fire.

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The video below of Darla Ryden, corresponds to Part 2 of 5 of Texas, Shift Is Happening.

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